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  1. Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have
  2. D'oh!
  3. Color them impressed.
  4. The 25 most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week.
  5. And Twitter users brought the jokes.
  6. Well, that's one way to show support for your team.
  7. "If this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon."
  8. People think Yogi looks like Zach Galifianakis or maybe Paul Rudd or closer to Jake Gyllenhaal.
  9. Giant rabbits? Bicycling caterpillers? Frogs reading newspapers? Yeah, we're tripping.
  10. “Wow! What is that, man?”
  11. Her fingers even became a Twitter Moment.
  12. The porn star asks that if you call her a skank, at least spell it correctly.
  13. The book is actually a story by up-and-comer Charles Dickens. Watch the name. He's going places.
  14. “It really is biblical."
  15. Set your faces to stun.
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